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Jon Bivona - Testimonials


Jon Bivona has been my guitar teacher for nearly a decade. Not only has he been a great teacher but he has been an amazing friend as well. I've had several previous guitar teachers and Jon has by far been the best. Despite being in college out of state I can keep in contact and continue to take lessons with him over Skype. He is clearly a talented guitarist who has respect for his students and I am glad to have him as my teacher.
-Max Harstead

Jon is a truly fine human being who also happens to be an extremely gifted guitar instructor. My son has been his student for the past 5 years and counting. Jon's sincere interest in his students, and his remarkable ability to convey instruction in a fun, engaging manner make him an exceptional teacher. Put simply, Jon is the absolute best!
-Cynthia Viole-Ash

At 52 years old I thought I was too old to start a new hobby. It was something I always wanted to do. I was lucky to find Jon to teach me. He came highly recommended from a salesperson at Guitar Center who told me he had taught him and just about everyone who worked at the store. At first I didn't even know how to properly hold a guitar. In a few months I was playing all the popular open and barre chords and soloing to backing tracks. He formed a strong foundation with no bad habits. I'm so glad I didn't try lesson books or online training. His personalized teaching is irreplaceable. Jon's easy going disposition made me look forward to every lesson. Jon is not only a great guitar teacher but has become a great friend. You will never outgrow his talent or warm personality.
-Joe Cavallaro

Jon is the best guitar teacher ever! Not only does he teach me awesome songs, but he teaches me all the scales, key signatures, compatible chords, and way more that I need to play the best that I can. He also teaches me recording concepts and specific songs whenever I ask. By far, my favorite part of each lesson is when we jam in the beginning. He always teaches me techniques for jamming like scales that I can mix and match and use whenever I play. Jon usually ends each lesson by teaching me a new song of my choice. Sometimes, he picks a song that will strengthen my guitar skills. I practice and play my guitar every chance I can. Every time I see Jon, I learn something new and apply those skills in every possible way I can! The great thing about what Jon does is he teaches me things that I will use every time I play, no matter who I jam with or any style of music. His lessons are extremely fun and I don't think it's possible not to enjoy them! I used to be pretty good at the guitar, but now I have improved so much that I am a whole different player. Most of the things I do on the guitar show off the skills Jon has taught me. I am always looking forward to my guitar lessons with Jon!
-Peter Campanella

Jon Bivona is a guy I would always view more as a friend, rather than a guitar teacher. He's funny, caring and always wants me to be happy. He is one of the nicest guys that I have ever met and gets along with everybody. The first time I heard him play guitar my family and I were absolutly amazed and astonished at how talented he is. Every time we pick up the guitar I don't think of the lesson as a drag or something that I have to do, but something that I love to do and want to do. Jon just makes the guitar lesson experience 100x better and I love learning new things from him! Im always looking forward to the next lesson to come because it's always a great time. I personally am going 6 hours away for school in the fall of 2013 and am still planning to have lessons through Skype and when I have breaks. Jon is a guy I would love to continue gettting lessons from because he gave me the dedication to not quit. I have had 2 and a half successful years with Jon with absolutly no complaints! With many years to come Jon already changed me as a guitarist but even as a person! I consider myself lucky to get lessons from such a talented and exceptional guy like Jon. I couldn't recommend a better person to learn guitar from because he is a one of a kind person.
-Joe Savino

I've studied guitar many years with Jon and quite simply, Jon is an awesome teacher. He has a fantastic attitude and a love of not only guitar and music but also teaching. Lessons with Jon are a must. Jon takes difficult concepts and breaks them down into small, easy to understand pieces. . He has a ton of tips that make learning so much faster. What I've learned from Jon has been extremely helpful for my playing. Jon listens to my playing and helped me to build a rock solid foundation. Jon picks up on the smallest details and makes sure I've got them right. I can't say enough about Jon's teaching skills. On top of everything else, Jon is a fantastic player and songwriter. I'd highly recommend Jon to anyone who wants to get started or take their guitar playing to the next level!!!"
-Larry Bianculli

I want to thank Jon for recommending Skype lessons. I had never used Skype and with his help we are taking weekly guitar lessons, me in Ohio, him in New York. Many thanks. I should also mention that Jon is an excellent teacher and fun to work with.
-Fred Warmbier

I wanted to learn how to play the guitar since I was a teenager. On my 53rd birthday my wife bought me a guitar. I then faced the challenge of learning how to play it. A friend of mine had been taking lessons from Jon for years and strongly recommended him, so I gave him a call. I have been taking lessons with Jon since, over three years now, and he's awesome. Jon's approach is to make learning guitar fun. He teaches you how to play songs you love and shows you all sorts of techniques to improve you playing style. He's fun to work with and an extremely talented musician. I thought that finding a great teacher would be a challenge, especially given that I am a left handed player, but Jon has no problem working with a "southpaw."
-Chris Theoharides

I had many other teachers before Jon but, I never progressed as fast as I have with him! He keeps lessons interesting by incorporating things I want to learn with techniques and skills necessary to improve my playing. Over the years, he's become a friend as well as a teacher, and I'd recommend him to anyone!
-Mike Shea

Jon Bivona has been instructing me for about half a year, and in that time I have gone from scaling across the minor pentatonic and major scales in a superficial way to creating intricate improvised solos by utilizing various techniques. Before his guidance I was on my own for a year struggling to learn how to play with youtube videos that I found here and there. These videos could only take me so far. They didn’t teach theory, and most of the songs they attempted to teach were inaccurate; they just didn’t sound right. Jon has taught me the how and why the guitar works. Whenever I want to learn how to play one of my favorite songs he accurately teaches me each part step by step. He has also showed me how to play genres such as blues, rock, metal, and modern day pop. Jon encourages students to contact him after lessons if any questions arise. Overall Jon is a personal instructor who will go the extra mile for his students.
-Eric Gottlieb

Jon has taught guitar to me and my sons for over 17 years. He has a wonderful talent, not just as a musician, but as a teacher as well. His patience and enthusiasm can bring out the best in anyone, not just those with a natural ability. Jon is always willing to work around your interests while providing a solid musical education. He has my highest respect and recommendation.
-Glenn Kugler

I've been playing with Jon for almost 2 years now and I've improved more in that time than the whole 3 years I had before him. He always puts my interests first and never forces me to do anything. He keeps it light by cracking jokes but while getting a point across. Not only is he a great teacher but Jon has become a very good friend with whom we spend time outside of lessons sometimes. He will get anyone shredding shortly, beginner or advanced. I highly recommend him.
- Kristof Dennis

Seven years ago I initially hired Jon to teach my daughter but I ended up taking guitar lessons instead. It's been a great experience and John really helped me with encouragement and patience. He is a talented artist in his own right with the rare ability to teach students at all levels and with varied tastes in music. He is reliable, punctual and reasonably priced. My daughter is equally impressed with Jon and has been taking bass guitar lessons for the past two years.
-Siobhan Coomaraswamy MD.