What are the advantages of Lessons at home?

I realize people's lives are crazy and everyone's time is limited. I also find students relax more and enjoy making music in their own homes.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancelation is required 24hrs prior to lesson.


How long are the lessons?

Lessons are 60 minutes. I find less time limits us from really getting in depth on a particular concept. Example: if I teach a scale, I don't want the student just to learn how to play the scale. I want to show them how to make music with it. There's a big difference!


How often are the lessons?

Once a week is optimal. Every other week lessons are also available.


Should I start on electric or acoustic?

I think there's a big misconception on this question. A lot of teachers say students should start on acoustic. Although, students just starting will find their fingertips might hurt a little in the beginning before calluses form. Some students may get discouraged by this. Electrics are much easier on the fingers allowing the student to make music faster, which encourages them to continue. But, acoustics are a little cheaper and by all means work great as well. Anything you play on one you can play on the other. There are fairly cheap electric packages that come with the guitar, amp, picks and a strap. I'd be happy to help and advise with any guitar purchase.


Is it true you must start playing when you're a child to become a good player?

Absolutely not! I've had MANY students in their 40s, 50s and 60s who didn't know how to hold a guitar in the beginning who became wonderful guitar players!


How do Skype lessons work?

Skype lessons are great! It is literally the same as being in the same room. All lesson content is sent via email. Technology is amazing!
Payment is done through Paypal.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?



Any other questions please feel free to email me on the Contact page.